Mythological spirit characters

Source: Siiri Kumari

Mythological spirit characters

Learn about nine ancient legends and spirits from Estonian mythology who each use their special gifts and skills to master the environment around them. Take the Estonian Myth Quiz to find out which character you resemble and discover your inner powers!

Ahti, Judge of the Sea

Ahti is an independent spirit, like the sea, existing in its powerful solitude yet always connected to the land through its coastline. Ahti is capable of taking the form of another sea creature to better understand them. Others may find that they must still be careful around him though, as his friendliness can suddenly turn to rage if someone is being disrespectful to others or things he loves. Ahti's rage is comparable to a huge, monstrous sea squall, with thunderbolts flying from the eye of the storm. However for Ahti, once justice has been served, all is forgotten and happiness is found again.

Allikaravitseja, Healing Elf of the Springs

Allikaravitseja is the elven-like charmer. Everyone admires how graceful and delicate she is - a fact she is well aware of, and yet only opens herself up to those who deserve it. Allikaravitseja appears as a reflection on the water and always feels the necessity of being sure and careful to approach people delicately and with subtlety. Once convinced of their good intentions, she is more than willing to open her beautiful spirit to them. With a companion like Allikaravitseja, a true healer of souls, they are truly blessed.

Hiid, Hero of the Holy Forests

Hiid is a powerful and mighty spirit, strong and steadfast like a mountain. A natural communicator, always seeking someone to talk to, he is truly happiest being in the center of attention – a giant standing tall in the midst of it all. For Hiid, it is usually all about impressing others and being admired. Fun to be around, Hiid is also rather easy to anger as well. Therefore, it is important for him to cool down after throwing trees and stones around.

Kivialune, Meditator of the Stony Caves

Kivialune is a tough and independent spirit loving solitude, peace and quiet. He enjoys time spent in environments that reflect his inner stillness and where it is easy to avoid human contact, such as caves, canyons and stony hide-aways. Kivialune can hide easily hide in a crowd, becoming a rock or stone any time he wants to. He truly enjoys his own company and appreciates himself just the way he is without seeing a need to change.

Metsik, Elf of the Forests

Metsik is an adorable elven-like creature! She has a natural love and keenness for nature and is the protector of forests, always enjoying the company of forest creatures. Metsik transforms into a forest creature to learn more about others and can easily see through them just by close observing. She is a subtle and mysterious communicator who sometimes turns herself into a tree to whisper words to humanity by rustling its leaves.

Murumemm, Mother of the Meadows

Murumemm is a true socialite whose radiance is simply contagious! While she is full of fascinating stories, she likes to keep things in perspective. Murumemm can take the shape of a bird or a deer or effortlessly communicate with any creature on the vast fields of Estonia. Though skilled at blending into a crowd, she can never truly go incognito because the uplifting spark she carries distinguishes her.

Näkk, Charmer of the Lakes and Rivers

Näkk is a charming mermaid-like creature, mysterious and volatile, just like the rivers where she resides. Näkk likes variety and fresh experiences and loves figuring out different ways to charm new acquaintances. It's her specialty! Näkk's magical voice, which resembles the hypnotic murmur of a river, can be very enticing. She can even be so alluring that one might just become completely stuck on her! Oh, how cunning and seductive Näkk is!

Saarevaht, Keeper of the Islands

Saarevaht is a solitary, island-dwelling soul. He is very protective of his home and loved ones. Saarevaht can communicate with plants and animals or even turn himself into a fox or an eagle. He is not always open to communicating with others, but is always kind and willing to introduce his world to other friendly and peaceful folk. However, Saarevaht can still be easily angered by carelessness and aggression.

Soovana, Guardian Spirit of the Wetlands

Soovana is the solitary guardian. Harmonious inside, and out, he is at peace with his surroundings; he shares the same pulse as the bogs and wildlife that surround him. He admires other peaceful and independent creatures like himself but usually prefers his own company. Soovana is a beguiler, appearing from nowhere with eyes like two bright lights to take wanderers deep into the bog. He is such a trickster!

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