Narva Bastions

Jõe tänav-1A, Narva

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In the 17th century, Narva was a city on the border between Sweden and Russia, which Sweden wanted to turn into its regional capital.

The designer of the defence fortifications was a military engineer and architect Erik Dahlberg. A total of seven bastions were built on his initiative: Honor, Gloria, Victoria, Fama, Triumph, Fortuna, and Spes. An existing bastion called Wrangel was renamed as Pax, i.e. peace in English.

All bastions, except Fama, have survived at least partially. Victoria is the mightiest of the seven, with its walls, casemates and gunpowder storehouse restored for tourism purposes. Also Honor and Gloria are planned to be restored.

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We was in tour without guide, but they had audio guide available without extra fee. There was quite cold and wet but it's worth visiting. Price was 5eur per person.

Liinakas S

Liinakas S

Interesting place to visit in Narva

We took guided tour. But you can have also audiotour by yourself. The place has very interesting and long history. Guide gives you a excellent overwiev about the history and legends. There is quite...



Claustrophobia treatment

We've been on a guided tour, reserved in advance. It was a little bit cold inside, almost the same freezing cold as outside, but the humorous guide just made our day. Tickets are available on spot...

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