Nepi Hotel

Nepi is a small hotel located in a quiet area of private residences near the Tallinn City Centre - 2.5 kilometres from the Old Town. The hotel has 10 rooms and a small 2-room house with a terrace.

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  • good and nice

    very nice familiy running this object. It is rather pensionare than hotel, but nice. Rather big room (in our apartment we have even 2 rooms). Close to the centrum (about 2-3 km), fridge inside...

  • Decent and actually quite near to downtown

    I liked the residential setting and once I got the hang of driving around Tallinn I discovered that Old Tallinn is maybe only 3 miles away..Some good local restaurants with very good outdoor...

  • Mixed review

    The people are friendly, and the residential setting is quite nice, quiet, rather picturesque. I wonder if they have real beds, mine was approximately the same quality as a sofa bed. I lost an...

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