Norra Springs

Norra Springs

JUHANI, Norra küla, Järva vald, Järva maakond

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The western section of Endla Nature Reserve is home to the Norra-Oostriku springs: nearly 40 springs of different groups are located next to a 10 km section of road. Some of them can be seen on the ground, others erupt at the bottom of rivers.
Interesting to know: the 1936 measurements of Norra Spring gave surprising results – 360 litres of water flowed out of the spring per second, which equals 36 buckets of water! The opening at the beginning of Sopa Spring is 4.8 metres deep. Wooden bridges have been built so visitors could better enjoy the Oostriku spring.

In addition, there are several recreation areas nearby, which are perfect for relaxing and spending some lovely time in the wild.

Times and prices

Open all year round

24 hours

Features and amenities

  • Camping area

Getting there

Drive 5 km south from Koeru small town. Park your car along the road.


  • Signposted
  • By excursion bus
  • By car


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