Ohessaare cliff and rock stacks

MÄGI, Ohessaare küla, Saaremaa vald, Saare maakond

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The limestone Ohessaare cliff, on the western shores of the Sõrve peninsula, is around 500 m long and up to 4 m high. It displays the largest cross-section of early Silurian sedimentary rock layers in Ohessaare, Estonia.
The cliff is known for the rock stacks that people have built there. Visitors are encouraged to use the flat stones found on the beach to make their own unique contributions to the landscape. The rocks in the area also contain a lot of fossils.

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24 hours

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Drive towards Sõrve from the cliff until you see the rock stacks next to the road.

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Very unique place! Beautiful human made wonders! Driving along you can't miss it, it's very easy to spot it. Create some more magic!



Место для влюбленных пар

Очень необычный галечный пляж - здесь очень много плоских камней. И приезжающие сюда завели обычай. Считается, что если пара построит на берегу свою башню из камней, то будет жить долго и счастливо.

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