Ööbikuorg valley and Rõuge lakes

Ööbikuorg valley and Rõuge lakes

Rõuge alevik, Rõuge vald, Võru maakond

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There are seven lakes at Rõuge primeval valley, which is 10 km long and 52 metres deep. The lakes include Kahrila, Tõugjärv, Ratasjärv, Kaussjärv, Rõuge Suurjärv, Liinjärv, and Valgjärv. The lakes are connected by the River Rõuge or River Ajo, which starts from the Tindiorg Valley.

Tindiorg, Külmorg, Mõhkorg, Ööbikuorg, Tinopeetri, Hinni, Sikasoo, and Järveotsa are the tributary valleys of the Rõuge Primeval Valley. The most well-known is Ööbikuorg (Nightingale Valley), which borders the ancient hillfort from the North. The valley is 300 m long and 12–15 m deep. It got its name from the singing nightingales who stay there during the springtime when bird cherries bloom. 

The Rõuge Nightingale Valley Centre is located at the edge of Ööbikuorg and provides visitors with information about nature, history, and changes in climate.

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To get to Ööbikuorg, drive through Rõuge towards Haanja. After the Rõuge village, signs will point you to "Ööbikuorg Külastuskeskus", where you can park your car. Then, you can go for a walk in Ööbikuorg.

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Mark T

Mark T

Nice, peaceful nature place

If you like forest, small lakes and peaceful places with less people - Welcome to Ööbikuorg. Lot of options for hiking. deepest lake in Estonia located in Ööbikuorg, Highest hill in Baltics (314 m...




parking + info center + watch tower + sort of indian village. a little place to strech your legs and re-energise.

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