Pakamägi hill

Raikküla-Pakamäe maastikukaitseala, Rapla vald, Rapla maakond

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Pakamägi hill is a flat, forested limestone upland.
According to the chronicles of Henry the Latvian, it was a meeting place of the tribal leaders of ancient Estonia. Did you know…? *It is said that the fire which was started as a sign of the St. George’s Night uprising was lit in the village of Raikküla on Pakamägi hill *The western slope of Pakamägi has a terrace which is 9 metres high where you will find truly ancient rocks *Midsummer bonfires would be lit here in days of old; now the Pakamägi amphitheatre hosts summer concerts and performances *This is a perfect place for picnics

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24 hours

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We recommend that you follow the Rapla-Järvakandi road to Raikküla municipality. A sign pointing off to the right will show ‘Pakamägi’. The hill is 8 km outside of Rapla.

  • By public transport
  • By car
  • On foot only
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Bus: Raikküla
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For small brakes

Definitely not worth special drive there, but once in the neighbourhood, a small stop is OK. Suggest to visit when You can pick berries or mushrooms or want to hike in the forest. Careful climbing on...

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