Visit Estonia Photo Hunt

Source: Mart Vares

Visit Estonia Photo Hunt

There are articles written about Estonia every single day. In newspapers, travel magazines, online blogs. There are tour operators and travel agencies who sell trips to Estonia. There are entrepreneurs, students and travellers who introduce our little country at some corner of the world. Every day. And they all use pictures to create an image of this place that many people have never heard of. Pictures that speak so much louder than words.

We have a dream. We want these pictures to be as good as they possibly can. We want these pictures to tell a story, create an emotion and spark an interest. Therefore we are looking for the best photos that are out there. We believe that many of the best photos are somewhere, sitting in someones personal Instagram account or cloud, and never find a way to these thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of eyes who deserve to see them. We want to find these masterpieces and amplify their reach and purpose. And we need your help.

Photographers. Hobby photographers. People that maybe have accidentally taken the best shot of their life. Let's find these photos and make Estonia the most photogenic country in Europe! So whenever people write about Estonia or have to tell someone about Estonia they have simple access to the most beautiful photos out there.

We are looking to buy 100 exceptional photos that would represent Estonia as a travel destination.

We want to have all rights for these photos to share them with third parties for free. To create the best possible image of Estonia. We won't give these photos to just anyone, but to anyone whose use of the image can have positive effect on Estonia (either bringing here new tourists, increasing awareness about Estonia; spreading the word and beauty in online as well as physical world).

If you think your photos should be part of the selection that is going to represent Estonia all over the world, then please send them to

  • make sure that you have the photos in high resolution
  • if there are any recognizable people on the photo, make sure that
    1) they are aware of the fact that you are sending these photos
    2) they are ok with the fact that their faces would be in the selection of photos that are free to use for third parties and can be used in advertising, marketing and commercial purposes (preferably signed release form)
  • send your photos to with subject line Visit Estonia Photo Hunt
  • each photo must be named like this: Name_of_the_Category_Name_of_the_object/destination/attraction_authors_name
    (for example Tallinn_Kalamaja_John_Smith)

Read the terms and conditions of the Photo Hunt here.



    - old town, drone, summer
    - old town, drone, winter
    - old town, street view - cosy, medieval atmosphere (St Catherine's Passage, Master's Courtyard, Aida St etc) - preferably with people
    - old town, town hall square, architecture
    - Tallinn City, drone
    - Kalamaja - architecture, street view, drone
    - Telliskivi - atmosphere, emotion, hip vibe
    - Port of Tallinn - ships, old town in the background; different terminals, different views (wide angle taken from distance, closer look)
    - Tallinn Airport
    - contemporary Tallinn - Rotermann Quarter, Noblessner, Ülemiste
    - Kadriorg - park, palace, art museums
    - yacht harbours (Pirita, Noblessner, Kakumäe)
    - beaches

  2. TARTU

    - town hall square - summer with outdoor terraces, winter & Christmas
    - kissing students
    - Toome Hill Park, Tartu Cathedral
    - Arch Bridge (Kaarsild)
    - Tartu University
    - Supilinn
    - street art in Tartu
    - riverside cafes, cosy atmosphere in summer
    - activities on Emajõgi
    - Vanemuine
    - Aparaaditehas Creative City
    - Estonian National Museum
    - Upside Down House
    - AHHAA Science Centre

  3. PÄRNU

    - Pärnu beach
    - Rüütli St
    - Puitvillade rannarajoon
    - Rannaniidu matkarada
    - Pärnu vallikäär


    - Rakvere Castle
    - Narva Castle (only Narva & Narva and Ivangorod in one photo)
    - Narva river, bridge, borderzone
    - Arvo Pärt Centre
    - Palmse/Sagadi/Vihula manors
    - Narva-Jõesuu beach
    - Aidu
    - Kiviõli Adventure Centre
    - Kohtla Mining Museum
    - Rummu Quarry
    - Sillamäe 
    - Kreenholm
    - Kuremäe


    - Haapsalu - castle, promenade, railway museum, street views
    - Lottemaa
    - Cider Farm
    - Alpaka Farm


    - Suur Munamägi
    - Taevaskoda
    - Vastseliina Castle
    - Viljandi - Castle Hills, street view
    - Otepää, Tehvandi
    - Sangaste Castle
    - Alatskivi Castle
    - Lake Peipus in summer and winter
    - Lake Tamula
    - Võrtsjärv


    - Kuressaare - Castle, street view
    - Angla Windmills
    - Kaali Crater
    - Lighthouses (Sõrve, Kiipsaare, Tahkuna, Kõpu, Kihnu etc)
    - Panga cliff
    - smaller islands - Vormsi, Ruhnu, Naissaar, Muhu


    - song festival 
    - dance festival
    - smoke sauna
    - Seto cultural heritage
    - Kihnu cultural heritage
    - coastal culture
    - onion route
    - manor houses


    - national parks (Lahemaa, Vilsandi, Matsalu, Soomaa...)
    - bird watching
    - bear watching
    - other wildlife (wolves, seals etc)
    - bogs/swamps - trails, towers, activities
    - forest
    - Keila Waterfall
    - Jägala Waterfall
    - Valaste Waterfall, Ontika/Saka cliff
    - Northern Coast - cliff, klint
    - Fifth Season 
    - RMK trails
    - Pähni wooden megaphones
    - viewing towers in nature


    - SUP
    - kayaking, canoeing
    - sailing
    - picking berries/mushrooms
    - cycling, fatbike
    - ice skating - on ice rink / in nature
    - skiing
    - winter/ice fishing
    - ice sailing
    - bogshoeing
    - ice swimming
    - jumpin into a lake/bog lake in summer/winter
    - hiking
    - tenting
    - golf
    - discgolf
    - kiiking
    - racing, karting (Auto24 circuit, rally park)
    - historical ships and cruises on them


    - spas (GO Spa, Grand Rose Spa, Hedon Spa, Estonia, Aqva Spa, Noorus, V Spa etc)
    - spa procedures (massage etc); especially Estonian procedures
    - water parks, interior

  12. FOOD

    - traditional Estonian food in a beautiful setting
    - "making of" traditional food
    - modern Estonian cuisine
    - top restaurants interior, people, emotions

  13. VARIA

    - Independence Day (and Restoration of Independence)
    - Walpurgis Night, The Night of Ancient Bonfires,
    - Midsummer Day
    - handricraft/gardening events
    - public transport - trains, buses, scooters, electric cars
    - New Years Eve
    - Christmas spirit on other cities
    - iconic main squares/streets in smaller towns
    - ferry ports to islands 
    - public transport stations - bus/train stations in bigger cities

Last updated : 26.11.2019