Pierre Café & Chocolaterie

Chocolaterie de Pierre was established with great care and love for everyone who appreciates sweets! Pierre is a real café in the truest sense of the word where you can hear the clinking of coffee cups and the pleasant hum of conversation, and also enjoy French and Italian cuisine with a great selection of delicious chocolate cakes and truffles. French music is played in the café every day.
Welcome to Pierre Café & Chocolaterie!

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  • Price/quality = good = popular = crowded

    We popped in here for a late-ish dinner to find the place packed and to be told there could be up to an hour's wait for food. We decided to stay though as we weren't in a hurry. We ordered the house...

  • Nice Paris atmosphere

    Good food and very friendly service. Nice 1800's atmosphere, Paris style. Edith Piaf singing in the background!

  • European food heaven

    A place with tradition! This place is not for silly people but good old folks that appreciate nice old tastes of Europe: friendly locals that serve good food for all guests of Tartu!

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