Pizza Americana

Pizza Americana offers classic thin pizzas and delicious thick lunch and pan pizzas! Eat in, take away or call a pizza taxi!

Genuine and best taste guaranteed!

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  • Ordered two large pizzas with

    Ordered two large pizzas with extra toppings (because we wanted pizza to be very juicy and nutritious), but they were extremely dry and with very little toppings. It felt like eating bread. Very...

  • Maybe quicker to order from home.

    My partner and I visited for late night food, soaked through to the skin with a rainy night,food to go , to take out, pizza. Where told it would be an hour wait. We ordered a mixed combo of chicken...

  • Great pizza

    Great tasting deep pan pizza and very tasty chips. Good value. 49 euros for 2 large pizza,2 burgers and drinks with enough pizza left to cover dinner. Recommended.

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