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Pizzeria Vesuvo

Good atmosphere to dine and spend time with children. There are many activities for children and at times there's live music in the evenings. Service is top-notch, come and check it out yourself!
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  • Terrible Pizza I had ever

    I was on cruse to tallin with my 6 friends, I walked around old town, and finally went to this pizzeria for pizza, the place looks nice but pizza was worst, I could not eat at all, so I drink 2...

  • Pizzas comunes

    Es una pizzeria bien ubicada en el centro de la ciudad antigua. La pizza es comun, los precios un poco altos y el servicio, tambien normal.

  • Кусочек Италии в Таллине!

    Пиццерия находится в самом сердце Таллина. Все по-настоящему очень вкусно. Цены не кусаются! Можно заходить смело)

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