Rebäse landscape trail

REBASEMÕISA LÕKKEKOHT, Rebasemõisa küla, Valga vald, Valga maakond

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The 7-kilometre-long Rebäse landscape trail is located in the Karula National Park. The trail runs through old farm landscapes, passing the oldest farmstead in the area and the Linnamägi hill with traces of settlement from the Early Iron Age. Hikers can climb up the local "Mount Ararat", see Lake Raudjärv with its ice-cold water, and admire one of the largest gullies of Karula upland.

You may need sturdy boots to pass the trail because in rainy weather the trail might be muddy and the boardwalk slippery. The trail also passes pastures, so you might encounter curious but generally friendly cows. Be careful around farm fences, they may be electric!

Times and prices
Open all year round

24 hours

Features and amenities
  • Camping area

Getting there

Signs "Karula rahvuspargi külastuskeskus 7 km" and "Saru 20 km". From there, drive 1.5 km along the Haabsaare-Saru road until you reach the intersection. Turn right from there (sign "Valga 32 km"). Drive 5.6 km along the Valga-Lüllemäe-Litsmetsa road and after the Rebasemõisa bus stop, turn left and then immediately right. You will reach the Rebasemõisa observation tower's parking lot, and the trail starts from there.

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  • By car
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