Riiklik Akadeemiline koreograafiaansambel Berjozka / Государственный Академический хореографический ансамбль Березка



Administration of the President of the Russian Federation


The world-famous State Academic choreographic ensemble "BEREZKA" is formed in 1948 by the outstanding choreographer of the XX-th century Nadezhda Nadezhdina.  As the person of the highest culture and erudition she knew for sure, what riches are hiding in creativity of Russian people and had poet’s view of it.


Miracle of Nadezhdina: she has inured to classical dance poetry of an ancient round dance, has connected the past to the present. The maiden round dance composed by her on a theme of Russian national song «In a field birch stood» (Evgenie Kuznetsov's musical processing, suits of Ljubov Silich) dazzles spectators more than semi-century with the offbeat, "floating" step as if the whole birchwood has suddenly revived, has moved a little and has appeared in solemnly stately parade. Young collective farmers of Kalininsky area were the first performers of dance "BEREZKA". Soon the round dance which has pleasant to all was executed by professional actors, and it has entitled ensemble, in which N.S.Nadezhdina has carried out the treasured dream - has devoted herself to creation of own scenic products on a national basis.


To "BEREZKA" popularity at once has come. Its frequent trips across Soviet Union were accompanied by triumphal success. And tours abroad have brought a world recognition. Creations of Nadezhda Nadezhdina were enthusiastically applauded on all continents of a planet. In days of cold war the foreign press wrote about ensemble performances as to «fiery sensation» and testified that "BEREZKA" art, human and spiritualised, «clears up good feelings and belief in a brotherhood between people». The world Council of defenfers of peace in 1959 has awarded to "BEREZKA" the Gold medal of the world.


The national actress of the USSR, the winner of the State award of the USSR, the Hero of Socialist Work N.S.Nadezhdina with enthusiasm supervised over the child more than 30 years until the very last day. Today the ensemble rejoices her name.


To the present day masterpieces of Nadezhda also take the central place in collective repertoire. First of all it’s a merit of the present art director and the main ballet master of ensemble, the national actress of the USSR and Ukraine, the professor, academician M.M.Koltsova. Mira Mihajlovna has accepted creative relay race directly from hands of the favourite Teacher: the leading soloist of ensemble became the worthy successor of N.S.Nadezhdina. She not only has kept, but also has increased creative credo of the foundress of ensemble.

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Riiklik Akadeemiline koreograafiaansambel Berjozka / Государственный Академический хореографический ансамбль Березка

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