Riisa study trail in the Soomaa National Park

Riisa study trail in the Soomaa National Park

TAALI METSKOND 78, Riisa küla, Tori vald, Pärnu maakond

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You will find a sign by Jõesuu-Tõramaa Road that directs you to a boardwalk to the beautiful Riisa bog. The trail passes 8 rest stops and a watchtower.
A motorway, a car park, and an outhouse are located right by the gate at the beginning of the trail.
The hike begins in a spacious bog and briefly runs through the forest. In places like these, you can see the forest turning into a bog and vice versa – dry ground is replaced by wetland, and swamp plants with ancient spruce forests. You can also see some beautiful wetland pools along the trail.
This is the perfect location for a family picnic!

The Riisa study trail is also accessible with a wheelchair and a baby scroller until the first wetland pool at the 1.2 km mark.

Times and prices

Open all year round

24 hours

Features and amenities

  • Camping area

  • Wheelchair access

Getting there

Riisa Village is located on Jõesuu-Kõpu Road, about 6 km from Jõesuu.


  • Signposted
  • By excursion bus
  • By public transport
  • By car

Stops nearby

Bus: Riisa


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TripAdvisor Traveler Rating



Beautiful swamp views and well maintained

Beautiful trail. Length is approximately 5 kilometres. Fully paved with wooden planks and anti-slip grate. Mix of swamp and forest.



LINC study walk to Riisa trail

Even if it rains it will be a pleasant walk on Riisa trail (Riisa raba rada) at the wooden boardwalk is covered by metal net. Not slippery at all!



Sergey. Voronezh, RF

There is 1.22 of 4.8 km that can be accessible by the wheelchairs. All 4.8 km of wooden path is covered with steel net preventing from slipping. Humidity of bog and minus air temperatures could have...

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