West Estonia

RMK Keemu recreational place

In Matsalu National Park, near Keemu Harbour, there is a comfortable place to sit or eat by the waters. A picnic can be held both under the open sky and on the benches under the shade, away from the sun. The waiting pavilion has a thatched roof and an open front. There is also a long table with benches in the pavilion.

The recreational place is equipped with information boards and an outdoor toilet. You can walk and stretch your legs on the harbour's wave breaker leading to Matsalu Bay.

The Keemu lookout tower is nearby and you can also swim near the harbour. The tower overlooks the reeds and the coastal meadow; it is one of the best bird watching places on the south coast of Matsalu.


West Estonia

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Keemu sadam, Keemu küla, Lääneranna vald, Pärnu maakond