Ruut 66 pub

This pub seats up to 50 people.
Did you know…? *You can celebrate a variety of special occasions here *Entertain yourself with karaoke! *On weekends you can dance the night away to live music

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  • There is a space for improvement

    Place is spacious, clean, inside/outside seatings, parking lot. But there was a trick - the food was terrible, felt like return to 90ties. Chicken grilled meat from the offer of the day was baked...

  • Disappointed

    Staff is really slow. Waiter took forever taking our order. I received my chicken really fast, but i was really undercooked and raw, so I sent it back. It took forever for my man to have his food and...

  • Typical Estonia pub/diner

    Decent food Reasonable prices It was open Saturday lunch time unlike a couple of places we tried Attentive service

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