North Estonia

Safari on trucks in Kõrvemaa

Come and try an adventurous trip across swamps and eskers on ZIL safari trucks!

These are 6x6 trucks of Soviet origin that are meant for military use and are meant for rough terrain. There is enough room for 35–40 people at the back.


We gather at the Kõrvemaa Hike and Ski Resort and find a place on safari trucks.

We are going to pass 27 km; on the way, we will cross Pikanõmme esker, Riistakõrve bog, the Soodla River (where we'll see a beaver dam), Lake Venejärv and Püüsaare bog. In the more exciting places, we can make short stops. If the group is interested, it is also possible to go on a short hike on foot; its length is about 500 m.

The duration of the hike: 2–2.5 hours and is also suitable for children and the elderly.


North Estonia

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Põhja-Kõrvemaa looduskaitseala 13, Pillapalu küla, Anija vald, Harju maakond