West Estonia

Seikle Vabaks – spend the night in a hammoc in the beautiful places of Pärnu County

Do you dream of spending the night in fresh air, swinging between the earth and the sky? A hammoc is a soft and warm bed that hangs between trees or posts, which allows you to sleep where nature is most beautiful. We offer the experience of spending the night in a hammoc in the most beautiful places of Pärnu County!

Do you want...
Sunrise in the Soomaa National Park by the bog pool?
Sunset on Valgerand Beach?
To spend the night by the crackling fire in the middle of the Vändra forest?
To sleep between the trees in the middle of the lonely island of Sorgu?
We can put the tent up wherever you want!

We also offer a cup of hot coffee and a refreshing breakfast in the morning!
You can also order a kayak, canoe, or snowshoe hike!


West Estonia

Opening times

1. may - 1. oct

An advanced bookings only


Rae, Reiu küla, Häädemeeste vald, Pärnu maakond