Selli-Sillaotsa study trail

Alam-Pedja looduskaitseala 21, Valmaotsa küla, Tartu vald, Tartu maakond

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The versatile Selli-Sillaotsa study trail meandering in bogs, forests, and on gravel roads is located in the Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve.

The beginning of the study trail runs through a pine forest to the edge of the Laeva Bog, where you will find the 12 m high Suuretüki observation tower offering great views.

The trail continues along a boardwalk (the width of the boardwalk covered with netting is 47 cm) and along a dirt track through a bog of different levels of development, which is also known for its good cranberry picking spots.
3.5 km of the trail runs in the forest and swamp and 1.2 km on a gravel road.
The trail has 11 information boards, two toilets and a shelters.

The length of the trail is 4.7 km.

Times and prices
Open all year round

24 hours

Features and amenities
Getting there

At the 20th km of Tartu–Tallinn highway, turn left after the large sign (Tallinn 161, Siniküla 5, Laeva 2), drive 200 m, and turn onto the middle road that leads to Palupõhja (at the beginning of the road, there is a sign for an uneven road for 11 km). Drive 8 km until you see the car park on the right where the study trail begins. There is space for 4 cars in the first car park and for 8 cars in the second car park 1 km away.

  • Sealed access road
  • By car
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