Seminar rooms at Kallaste Holiday Resort

Seminar rooms at Kallaste Holiday Resort

KUNINGA, Kasepere küla, Lääne-Harju vald, Harju maakond


Kallaste Holiday Resort – a resort with a lively spirit where anyone is bound to acquire seminar materials!
Human – nature – seminar
• Seminar rooms (in various sizes);
• Seminar equipment: a data projector, sound system, a clipboard, a TV, Wfi;
• Catering in accordance with your specifications and budget;
• Activities or cultural entertainment for your seminar;
• Sauna;
• Accommodation.
Here, you find a genuine country school aura that makes you listen instead of hearing and look instead of seeing. In the depths of nature, you can escape the limitations of consciousness, leaving only crystal clear ideas.

Features and amenities
  • WIFI

  • Food and drinks

Getting there
  • Signposted
  • By excursion bus
  • By car
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Bus: Kasepere
Train: Vasalemma
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