North Estonia

Simisalu observation tower and camping area

The observation tower is located in Simisalu, Vetepere village, in Järva County, near the Simisalu nature house of the State Forest Management Centre.

The tower is 18 metres high and can be climbed along the stairs. The top of the tower offers a beautiful view of the farms of Vetepere village, which stand out from the boggy landscape.

This is a special treat for those who have read the first part of the novel Truth and Justice by A.H. Tammsaare: here, the nature and farms in Vargamäe described in the book come to life.

There is a large camping area around the tower with room for more than ten tents.


North Estonia

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Simisalu matkakodu, Vetepere küla, Järva vald, Järva maakond