Sleddog Tours and dog sledding in Järvselja forests and Peipsiveere Nature Reserve

KAHRUNINA, Ahunapalu küla, Kastre vald, Tartu maakond


Come and enjoy the wide open space of a natural landscape in a primeval manner – on a sled dog hike!

Karusaare sled dog hikes offer a possibility to go on hikes in Järvselja forests all year round, and in the Peipsiveere Nature Reserve during winters. Our sled dogs love to be your companions during an easy hike that lasts for a few hours, as well as a dog sled trip that lasts for several days.

A camp fire is always a part of our trips – it gives food a special flavour, warms the freezing hikers, and provides light and a peace of mind...

Exhaustion is alleviated by a Russian sauna. If you wish, we can arrange catering.

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When on the Tartu-Räpina highway, head towards Võnnu from Hammaste. Drive through Võnnu, cross River Ahja, and turn left towards Järvselja at the next intersection. Drive on that gravel road until you see an intersection where there are signposts for Meerapalu and Parapalu. You can park your car near the farm on the left side of the road, opposite to the signpost, or you can drive to the location along the road next to the farm.

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  • By car
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