North Estonia

Snow shoe hike in Linnuraba

Snow shoes offer an excellent opportunity to hike in swamps and forests. You can enjoy the tranquility of a snow-covered forest and the unparalleled beauty of a wintery peat bog. Estonia has a large wild animal population and the snow shoe hikes are an exciting way to track them
Linnuraba is a nature protection area in Varbola, which is close to Tallinn.

Linnuraba hike is suitable for those who are interested in nature, because it is usually covered in many animal tracks. Elks, wild boars, roes, lynxes and wolves – all of the largest mammals living in Estonia are represented. In addition, it has frozen bog pools, bog islands and crooked pines. The price of the hike includes a meal.

North Estonia

Opening times

25. nov - 10. march

An advanced bookings only


Sooranna, Põlli küla, Märjamaa vald, Rapla maakond