North Estonia

Snowshoe hiking in Kakerdaja bog

Kakerdaja bog is a picturesque bog with many bog pools on the border of Harju and Järva counties. Kakerdaja bog has everything that a proper bog needs – picturesque bog pools, soft hollows, a bog island, a lake, and legends. Therefore, it is also considered a 'model bog' in Estonia.
The hike runs along between large bog pools and hollows to Lake Kakerdi and the ancient place of sacrifice on Hiiesaar. During the hike, the tour guide will tell many interesting stories.
The sample price for groups is for groups of at least 12 people. Ask for a price for a smaller group as well!
Catering is offered upon reservation.

North Estonia

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Rava metskond 19, Vetepere küla, Järva vald, Järva maakond