North Estonia

Snowshoe trip in Kõnnu Suursoo bog ‘In the footsteps of the ice age’

Walking in a bog with snowshoes creates an unearthly feeling – you are basically walking on water.

Kõnnu Suursoo bog and the surrounding eskers have formed as a result of the ice age. Thanks to the landscape around the bog, the area is also called Estonian Switzerland. The observation tower offers magnificent views of the plains and the colourful bog mosaic.

The price includes the service of a tour guide, snowshoes, leggings, snacks, and a drink. Minimum group fee is 660 euros (up to 15 people).

If you want to experience the beauty and charm of the bog away from the boardwalks and learn more about the bog, come on a snowshoe trip with Wanderlust!


North Estonia

Opening times

24. june - 22. april

An advanced bookings only


Koitjärve metskond 28, Suru küla, Kuusalu vald, Harju maakond