West Estonia guided canoe trips

Paddling a canoe on a river is one of the best ways to get to know the nature of Soomaa National Park and naturally, it is a lovely way to relax.
We recommend a guided canoe trip for those people who wish to know more about Soomaa National Park.
The day tour usually lasts 3–6 hours and includes, if you wish, a walk in the bog.
The price includes: a spot in a canoe, a paddle, a life jacket, a guide, and transport of the drivers to the starting point of the trip.

You can join us on a canoe trip alone or with a large group of friends.
The price applies for one person and depends on the number of participants:
1 person – 120€
2 persons – 80€
3-4 persons – 60€
5-6 persons – 50€
7-9 persons – 40€
10+ persons – 30 euros


West Estonia

Opening times

1. april - 1. oct

Advanced booking only


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