South Estonia

Spring rafting on the Rivers of Võhandu and Piusa

Rafting trip takes place during spring freshet. On the trip, we'll be using simple new rafts - one for 7 and another for 9 people. The rafts are easy to steer and row. Correct technique is taught at the beginning of the trip. There is no fear of falling overboard and rafting through the rapids is as fun as jumping up and down on a water bed. Your guide is going to observe the trip from the river banks and will assist you if needed. If you wish, the guide can join you on the raft.

Sights: mill dams, sandstone walls, river views, hidden caves, water animals and fowl; by the Puisa River, there are also the ruins of a castle.

Size of the group: 6—25 people.

Final price: based on agreement between you and the organizers.

Additional info on Võhandu: MAP


South Estonia

Opening times

20. march - 20. april

Advanced booking only


Posti tee 14, Leevi küla, Räpina vald, Põlva maakond