Spring Siniallikas

Kondi tee-2, Intsu küla, Viljandi vald, Viljandi maakond

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Siniallikas (blue spring) was an ancient sacrificial spring, named after its crystal clear water and its characteristic blue colour, which is due to the blue clay settled at the bottom of it.
According to a legend, a blue-eyed maiden, who was teased by the manor owner, drowned herself in the spring.
The spring is said to reveal a treasure if seven brothers drink from it together. The water of the Siniallikas spring was believed to have the power to heal. Silver coins were thrown into it as a sacrifice.
Nearby, there is a hill fort, where ancient Estonians built a stronghold in the 12th–13th century, and Lake Sinialliku.

Times and prices
Open all year round

24 hours

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  • Camping area

Getting there

Follow the signpost 'Siniallika' at the 'Intsu' bus stop on Viljandi-Karksi-Nuia highway. You can reach the camping and campfire site, which is a few hundred meters away, by car. The spring and the nearby hill fort, however, can only be accessed on foot.

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Красиво и неожиданно!

Синие источники Саула Синиалликад состоят из трёх, различного цвета источников. Это по-разному отражается свет через прозрачную воду. Зрелище очень необычное. Говорят, здесь надо не жадничать и...

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