St. Mary’s Church in Tartu

Pepleri tänav 1, Tartu linn, Tartu


St. Mary’s Church in Tartu was built in 1842 to be the church of city of Tartu and the Estonians in the parish.

A. H Willigerode, the organiser of the song festival and a writer, and A. E. Vooremaa, who died as a martyr, worked here. Köster J. Kurrik compiled the first physical education textbook in Estonian. Members included, for example, M. Härma, L. Koidula, and J. V. Jannsen.

In 1869, the first Estonian song festival began in St. Mary's Church in Tartu, which is why it is also called the cradle of the song festival.

There was a fire which destroyed the church on 12 June 1941, after which the Estonian Academy of Agriculture used it as a gym. The church was used as a gym for almost 50 years and it has been called the shelter for sports in Tartu.
The church is being restored.

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The church is in the centre of Tartu, on the crossing of Pepleri, Vallikraavi, and Kuperjanovi streets.

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Churc in terrible condition

I got leaflet about St. Mary church with some old photos in it. Leaflet was in estonian language so I did not understand anything and decided to try to find a church. I was really shocked when I...



Closed and in terrible shape.

This church is in terrible shape; the church tower missing, the paint is peeling and the whole building seems to fall apart (2016). Until it has been renovated (years from now), spend your time...



Все обязательно вернется.

Построенная в XIX веке церковь, разрушенная частично во время второй мировой войны, в советское время использовалась под спортивный зал. Сейчас идет восстановление. Есть приход, есть прихожане. А...

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