St. Patrick´s, Rocca al Mare

St. Patrick's is a great place to enjoy a meal and have a good time - just feel free and relax. Our keywords are good food, friendly service and reasonable prices.
Come in and let us truly take care of you as a friend!

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  • Worst place to eat in Tallinn

    I just need to leave this review, as I think people should be warned about this place. I have never seen such a bad service or ignorance like that. I organized food for international group for...

  • I was thinking that it is better place!

    Maybe it was not my day. Atmosphere was okey but food...The chicken wings was try, jalapeno sauce was sweet, not at all we jalapeno should be taste. The botato peels war soft not crunchy. Wrap was...

  • Nice place

    I've been in here a few times with my partner. It's a nice, dimly lit place which plays music, a little louder than background noise but not too loud. The offers are good including a happy hour at...

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