North Estonia

Taali Apiary

You are welcome to buy organic honey products from Roela small town!

In 2001, Taali Apiary was recognised as an organic apiary. Here, you can get to know the products, buy them, and ask questions about beekeeping. We sell different organic products, such as honey, honeycomb, honey mixes, farina, propolis, and candles made of beeswax.

You can also find our products from different ecoshops all over Estonia.

Beekeepers' best friends, the bees, live in the forests of Alutaguse. In addition to beekeeping, we also organise a farm day once a year.



North Estonia

Opening times

All year round

Mon-Sun 09:00 - 20:00


Tartu mnt 21, Roela alevik, Vinni vald, Lääne-Viru maakond