Theatre Vanemuine (conference centre in the big house)

Vanemuise tänav 6, Tartu linn, Tartu


Theatre Vanemuine is located in a modernist building completed in 1967. The building includes a theatre hall with 700 seats, an administrative wing, rehearsal halls, dressing rooms, workshops, a cafe called Shakespeare, and a costume rental.
The 700-seat hall has 407 seats in the parterre and 293 on the balcony. The size of the stage is 266 square meters. We offer a modern lighting system which includes all the technical capabilities and effects. The system was completely renovated in 2013. The control unit 'WholeHog III' has 8,192 channels. The theatre also includes 22 dressings rooms of different sizes and 5 rehearsal halls of different sizes.

Features and amenities
  • WIFI

  • Wheelchair access

Getting there
  • Signposted
  • Sealed access road
  • By excursion bus
  • By public transport
  • By car
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Modern theatre at its' best

We went to see The Nutcracker there and I was blown away by how simple going to the theatre is in this theatre, now queues, free coat hanging and boot storage - the Estonians, dress up for the...



Delightful live venue

Perfect sized theatre for live ballet and drama. Saw 'The Man Who Knew Snakeish' a new work in Estonian (I only speak English) but loved this contemporary execution of a modern Eesti classic. & also...

Mikael F

Mikael F

Excellent Les Miserables

Vanemuine is the oldest theater in Estonia, which has three different houses - Vanemuine's Grand building, Vanemuise's small historical building and the Harbour Theater on the shore of Emajõgi. The...

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