Theodor Sink (tšello) Kalle Randalu (klaver)

Fri, 6 November at 7 pm Vanemuine Concert Hall

Sun, 8 November at 5 pm Estonia Concert Hall

Theodor Sink (cello)

Kalle Randalu (piano) 


Cello sonatas by Beethoven


The complete performance of Beethoven's cello sonatas is always a remarkable undertaking. It requires tremendous energy and endurance, maturity as both a musician and a person. The complete performance of the cello sonatas is a journey through Beethoven's life. The first sonatas date back to a time when Beethoven performed primarily as a piano virtuoso and as a composer imitated his great role models Haydn and Mozart; in the third sonata, he, being ahead of time, reached the "equal treatment" of the instruments, and the last sonatas present the defiant struggle of a powerful and mature creator with the musical beliefs of his time and a spectacular entry into the Romantic period.  


The music evening of Theodor Sink and Kalle Randalu promises to be quite an event. The fiery performances of Theodor Sink, one of Estonia's most renowned cellists, finished with the utmost thoroughness, are complemented by the impeccable sense of style of Viennese classics from Kalle Randalu.  


The concert in Tallinn will be held in three parts.

Times and prices
Tartu linn, Vanemuise Kontserdimaja, Tartu

Theodor Sink (tšello) Kalle Randalu (klaver)

06.11.2020, 19:00 - 23:59

Price from: 15 €
Max price: 18 €
Kesklinna linnaosa, Estonia kontserdisaal, Tallinn

Theodor Sink (tšello), Kalle Randalu (klaver)

08.11.2020, 17:00 - 23:59

Price from: 15 €
Max price: 20 €
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