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Tori Manor

Tori Manor B&B is in Türi municipality in Järva County. Ongoing renovations of the manor were completed in 2013, when work on the final section of the complex came to an end. A large part of the Tori manor park was also tidied. The manor now offers accommodation to up to ten guests.

Manor hall can be used for seminars, concerts, etc. (it accommodates up to 50 people).

Tori manor is about 3 km from Türi train station and about 2 km from an artificial lake.

Good to know: 
The paw-print of the former baron's beloved pooch was discovered in the brickwork during renovations. It is now exhibited on the wall for visitors to admire.


North Estonia

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Raadiojaama tänav, Türi linn, Türi vald, Järva maakond