Woman riding a bike in Kihnu natureSource: Priidu Saart

New tourism objects in Estonia

Looking for something new?

Maybe you attended a FAM trip to Estonia. Maybe you're looking for the newest attractions and accommodations on the market. Or maybe you're just looking for something fresh that will surprise your clients. Whatever you're looking for, we've got it!

Below you'll find links to information about newly built, recently opened, or freshly renovated tourism objects throughout Estonia. We categorized the objects by year, function, and geography to facilitate your search. Looking for new accommodation on an island? An unforgettable dining experience in South Estonia? Stunning attractions in Tallinn for first-time visitors? All this information is comfortably at your disposal.

Every new object has a brief overview with photos, links to additional information, and relevant contact information.

It's time to discover something new!

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Source: Andri Peetso

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