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Treppoja cascade

Treppoja cascade is located in the catchment area of Treppoja. Approximately 10 km long and 20 km2 wide, it begins at the Illurma cliff cape and then slides down through the slope of the limestone plateau into Lahepere bay.

There are six escarpments measuring up to 1.5 m within one hundred meters on this 2–15 m wide territory. The cascade has not been able to form a canyon because of its relatively small amount of water and young age.

Treppoja is one of the most beautiful cascades in Estonia, and visiting it in the summer or winter is always exciting. A pedestrian bridge has been built for visitors, providing them with a safe way to enjoy the surroundings.

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Kloogaranna küla Üleoja tee, Lääne-Harju vald, Harju maakond