Ungru Manor ruins

Kiltsi küla, Haapsalu

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Ungru Manor is one of the most impressive neo-baroque buildings in Estonia, although the castle was never fully completed. It is an imposing building, which is an almost exact copy of the Merseburg Castle in Germany. Behind the construction of the manor was a sad love story:

Count Ungern-Sternberg fell in love with the daughter of the lord of Merseburg Castle, who had promised to spend her entire life in Merseburg Castle. The count promised to build an exact replica of the building and she agreed to move there. However, the construction stopped when the count's lover suddenly fell ill and died.
These are mystical ruins in a beautiful place, making it a wonderful place for taking pictures!

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24 hours

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The ruins of Ungru Manor are located on Haapsalu–Rohuküla highway, approximately 7 km from the town.

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Jenni K

Jenni K

Beautiful manor ruins with a tragic history

Very interesting and beautiful place not too far from Haapsalu. Definetely worth a visit when nearby. Note that this is an outdoor location, choose a day of nice weather to visit here.



amazing building

The building is worth to stop and visit. We took a quick walk around it-worth to see the parameters of this impressive Manor.



A ruins is a monument to a tragic love

The Baroque Ungrun Ruins are just a few kilometers from Haapsalu. It is gorgeous looking build on the lawn. The castle has never been finished. The story of building a castle involves a love story.

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