Väike-Kolkja Old Believers' Prayer House of the Estonian Association of Old Believers Congregations

Kolkja alevik, Peipsiääre vald, Tartu maakond

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The Väike-Kolkja Old Ritualists' congregation has existed since 1770. On 16 February 1945, it was re-registered as the Väike-Kolkja Old Believers' congregation. They were given a prayer house decorated with copper and wooden icons along with support facilities and other possessions.

Now, the Väike-Kolkja congregation, which consists of 120 families, belongs to the Estonian Association of Old Believers Congregations.

An iconostasis consisting of canonical pictures and ancient church service books - all of these can be found at the simple and cosy chapel of the Väike-Kolkja Old Believers.

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