VeeTee rafting and canoe trips

VeeTee rafting and canoe trips

Leevi küla, Räpina vald, Põlva maakond


The VeeTee canoe trip expeditions guarantee a fun experience for any sightseer. Whether visiting with friends or colleagues, traveling by canoe over the beautiful Estonian water bodies – the rivers of Ahja, Võhandu, Elva, Piusa and the lakes of Kooraste; provides a traveler with the chance to see nature from a completely different angle than most.

This expedition includes the rental and transportation of boats, as well as instructors and lunch. Those interested are encouraged to contact the expedition company for an unforgettable experience!

Times and prices

Is open advance bookings only

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Getting there

The starting and end point of the trip are arranged in advance with the customers over the phone or e-mail.

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