Visit to gardening farms in Karla village

Karla küla, Kose vald, Harju maakond


This is an opportunity to visit four horticultural farms, each of which has its own tree nursery; the farms complement one another, allowing you to explore farms and plants that differ from each other greatly:
- Roogoja Farm specializes in clematis plants and vine trees
- Roosoja Farm has a rose garden
- Sadevälja Farm offers coniferous and deciduous trees, bushes and perennials
- Tõnise Puukool plant nursery has the best selection of decorative bushes in Estonia

Come and explore all collections or each one separately and seek specialist consultation. 

Spend a lovely day in Harju County - there is plenty of activity for the entire day!

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Getting there

Heading from Tallinn towards Tartu, turn right after Kuivajõe bus stop (at the 37 km mark). This road will lead you to the village of Karla. The farms are situated quite close together - no more than 1.5 km apart. The first you will come to is Tõnise Puukool nursery, then Roosoja Farm, the nearby Roogoja Farm, and finally Sadevälja Farm.

  • Signposted
  • Sealed access road
  • By excursion bus
  • By car
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