Võhandu Paddling Marathon

Vee tänav, Võru


The 100-km-long downriver marathon runs on the Võhandu River in Võru and Põlva counties and is open all year round on ice-free days.
The marathon starts from Võru town, on Lake Tamula and ends in Võõpsu village, Põlva County. The Võhandu River is surrounded by steep forest banks and numerous upright sandstone outcrops. There are several springs and spring caves in the rock walls and valleys. The Võhandu River provides a great rowing experience.
Every year, on the third weekend of April, the world’s largest paddle marathon, the Võhandu Marathon, takes place on the Võhandu River, with 1,200 boats and more than 2,500 participants.

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Open all year round

24 hours

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The Võhandu Marathon starts in Võru, on Lake Tamula. Google maps: 57.842593, 26.992245. The marathon ends in Võõpsu village, Põlva County. Google maps: 58.080467, 27.542767

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