Panga Cliff in Saaremaa

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Photo: Sven Zacek

Photo: Sven Zacek

Saaremaa & Muhu islands

Saaremaa and Muhu islands are among the most popular holiday destinations in Estonia loved for their folklore, deserted beaches as well as culture and spa retreats.

Often seen as profoundly Estonian, the islands’ traditional cottages, food, beer, art and love for the nature is well appreciated among Estonians. The sleepy fishermen’s villages, windmills, thatched cottages and wildlife provide a perfect retreat for those looking to get lost in the nature.

Over the centuries Muhu has developed at its own pace and Muhu folk patterns have inspired popular souvenirs made of aromatic juniper wood, linen and ceramics seen in shops and markets all over Estonia. Saaremaa’s capital Kuressaare is a must-see destination when visiting the island, boasting an impressive medieval castle that plays an important part in the many historical tales of the historically resilient islanders.

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