Source: Sven Zacek

Central Estonia (Rapla and Järva counties)

The unspoiled nature, rich history and diverse cultural heritage of the counties of Järvamaa and Raplamaa, located in the heart of the country, make them popular tourist destinations in Estonia. Those wanting to feel at one with nature will definitely enjoy the region's bogs and hiking trails. While breathing in the fresh air of this region, you will rediscover feelings of solitude, tranquillity and peace.

Estonia's largest Deer Wildlife Park and a wild animal observation park can be found at the Toosikannu Holiday Centre. Tech enthusiasts can relive their nostalgia at the Järva-Jaani Shelter for Old Vehicles. With a vibrant and diverse culture, Paide has considerable historical significance. Moreover, the city is cooperating with the Estonian National Opera, making it possible for visitors to attend opera performances here. You can also visit the Wittenstein Time Centre on Vallimägi Hill in Paide to learn about Estonian history through the lens of humour.

Even the most demanding of horticultural connoisseurs will be satisfied with the annual Türi Flower Fair held in spring. Additionally, visiting the floating village on the Vigala River is a truly unique experience. You'll discover a real architectural gem in Rapla, home to the only two-towered rural church in Estonia. In Järvakandi, also known as the glass capital of Estonia, you can try pouring molten glass with your own hands at the Glass Museum, located in the place of residence of an old glass master.

Have you visited the Valgehobusemäe Ski and Recreation Centre in the Northern Kõrvemaa nature reserve to test your physical abilities or have you drawn inspiration from the museum and birthplace of one of Estonia's most famous writers A. H. Tammsaare in Vargamäe? Why not enjoy seasonal delicacies at Ööbiku Gastronomy Farm Restaurant in Raplamaa County, one of the best rural restaurants in Estonia?

By the way, Järvamaa County was named one of the Top 100 Sustainable Destinations of 2020. The competition for international sustainable tourism success stories is organised by Green Destinations to recognise destinations that are working hard to make the visitor experience more sustainable and based on values. A notable achievement of Järvamaa County has been transforming the city's central square from a car park and traffic hub into a community gathering spot. An experiment in urban transformation was launched in 2017 on the initiative of volunteers with some help from architects in order to redirect traffic around the central square and build a volleyball court and seating areas as well as produce cultural events in the new space.

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