Aegviidu-Kõrvemaa recreation area

Source: Jarek Jõepera

Northern Kõrvemaa nature reserve

Unique landscape, beautiful nature, versatile selection of plants and wild animals make Kõrvemaa a popular nature getaway destination in northern Estonia.

Most people come to Northern Kõrvemaa for its forests, lakes and marshes. Here you can wander across the wooden trails in local bogs, climb the hills and go hiking on sandy roads in the wilderness. Kõrvemaa is also a popular ski holiday destination, with well maintained cross country ski tracks of various lengths.

Northern Kõrvemaa is a natural habitat for many rare and protected species of birds and wild animals attracting photographers and nature enthusiasts during the autumn season. Even if you don’t capture wild lynxes, bears or wolves, colourful nature is sure to result in some amazing nature photography.

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