Keila Waterfall

Source: Sofia Josefiina Lavaste

Tallinn surrounding areas

Whether you’re in Estonia for a day or longer, there’s plenty of time and reason to explore what lies beyond the capital city.

From fishermen’s villages to rural islands, from bogs to old soviet barracks - there’s so many unique, relaxing and exciting places nearby Tallinn for a diverse range of interests.

A day trip out of Tallinn should include a visit to the coast where among other things you can try surfing, hiking, skiing and golfing. If you’d like to explore further than just the coast, then head across the sea and discover the many tiny rural islands a short sail away. For those looking for something a bit more alternative, there are a number of tours to the coastal town of Paldiski. The once closed off Soviet nuclear submarine training centre was the largest such facility in the by-gone Soviet Union.

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