Onion Route tour

Source: Jaak Nilson

Peipsi area

The western coast of Europe’s 4th largest lake is dotted with traditional culture, scenic country roads and is an especially rewarding destination for those who enjoy fishing on ice and water.

Natural and ethnic landscape of Peipsimaa area is as diverse and nuanced as Estonian history. Here you’ll find aristocratic mansions, lighthouses, traditional market culture and colourful cottages marking the onion route.

Peipsi area is home to Old Believers, a traditional religious minority recognised as hard-working and skillful fishermen, builders and keen onion cultivators. So if you’re looking for that hearty, home-cooked dinner experience, make sure to have a taste of the many pastries and onion dishes available.

In 2007, the European Commission launched the European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) competition. Peipsiveere onion route was the nominee in 2010 in category “EDEN. Estonia’s hidden treasures. Water tourism”.  

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