12 Things to know before Camping in Estonia by Rugged Roadtrips

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12 Things to know before Camping in Estonia by Rugged Roadtrips

Anna and Lucas are the married couple behind Rugged Roadtrips. Originally from Germany, they travel the world in search of remote, off-road adventures. Their travels have taken them from Australia to Alaska and many places in between, including Estonia. During a three-week roadtrip around Estonia, Anna and Lucas drove 4,000 kilometres exploring different corners of the country. Along the way, they got to know Estonia’s extensive and well-serviced network of free, public campsites. It’s safe to say they know a thing or two about camping, but with their tips, even an amateur camper can feel confident heading out on an overnight trip!

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Are you thinking about going on a camping trip through Estonia? Great idea! Just keep the following points in mind.

1. Estonia has a great camping infrastructure

Estonia has one of the best camping infrastructures in the world. All around the country you can find campsites with bench shelters, pit toilets, and fireplaces. The next campsite is rarely more than 20 kilometers away from any location. The campsites are clean and out in nature, often next to a lake or river.


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2. Most campsites are free of charge

The best about camping in Estonia: it is free! You read that right, camping in Estonia is free of charge. All those hundreds of campsites around the country do not cost you a penny. They are all funded by the Estonian forestry ministry (RMK), in what some call a marketing campaign (RMK cuts down forest plantations but also provides free campsites).

For international visitors, this is absolutely amazing! Most campsites are in great shape, as there is regular maintenance. The RMK even provides campers with free firewood, so you can warm up at a campfire in the evening or cook your dinner.

Be aware that those campsites are not managed campgrounds with bathroom amenities but rather wilderness campsites with basic facilities.

3. It‘s all available via an app

Estonia is a world leader when it comes to digitalization. It is just natural that they also apply this knowledge to camping. The RMK has created an app that allows you to find the next campsite in your vicinity. Every single RMK campsite in Estonia is mapped in the app. But the app does not only give you the location, it furthermore provides you with information about the amenities and even photos of the campgrounds. And, once again, all free of charge.

Keava wetland

Photo by: www.ruggedroadtrips.com

4. There aren‘t any showers

Albeit the campsites come with pit toilets, there aren‘t any showers. That means your personal hygiene will suffer a bit, as it does on every camping trip. Make sure to bring canisters with enough water for brushing your teeth and to do your dishes.

5. The campgrounds are popular

Not many tourists are yet aware of the amazing camping infrastructure in Estonia but the locals surely are. On Fridays and Saturdays, many families or groups of friends leave their homes to camp in nature for a night or two. That means that campsites can get crowded during these times. Make sure to arrive early in order to secure a desirable spot, or stay far away from cities. The further away from towns you are, the better the chances of the campsite being less visited.

Be aware that you may sometimes encounter groups of young people camping out to party. They will be boisterous for long hours into the night, so we would recommend to not camp anywhere near if you cherish a good night's sleep.

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