20+ relaxing Estonian songs

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20+ relaxing Estonian songs

After a long day, escape the hustle and bustle with a stress-busting mix of soothing Estonian music. If you don't have time for a holiday in Estonia's tranquil nature, take a mini-break to the sounds of the best local musicians. 

Listen to the Stress Buster Spotify playlist here

Ultimate stress cure

Time in nature has proven health benefits.

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Nature as inspiration 

There are two elements tied to Estonian culture more than any other: music and nature. Half the country's land is covered in forests, not to mention expansive bogs, mires and coastline. People have shared a special connection to this environment, and it has inspired many mythological tales and songs. Estonians have the world's largest collection of recorded folk songs: 133,000. Concerts and festivals throughout the year take place in outdoor venues like the middle of a lake, in bogs and on islands.

Natural venues 

Many music events take place outdoors throughout the year like Viljandi Folk. 

Photo by: Jelena Rudi

A taste of the best musicians 

Perhaps it's the tradition of musical heritage that has produced lots of talented, local musicians. From pop to folk to classical, many Estonian artists have been influenced by nature. We've put together a playlist on Spotify of the most soothing songs from Estonian artists - an eclectic mix including indie rock Ewert and the Two Dragons, popstar Kerli, and the world's most performed living classical composer Arvo Pärt. It will transport you to a peaceful place where you can destress, until you can come experience Estonia's pure nature for yourself.

Last updated : 22.04.2021

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