2020 Family Attractions Campaign

Some attractions are simply so awesome

that you can't get enough of them no matter how many times you have tried

Source: Proto Invention Factory

2020 Family Attractions Campaign

Kids remember the moments that shape them.
So take them out. Let them experience something amazing every now and then.
Head to Estonia. Because

  • your youngest one will fall in love with our national hero Lotte who lives by the seaside
  • every kid (and even your husband) will have fun in Kiviõli
  • there's a nerd in all of us, so get your hands dirty and let the science awe you in AHHAA
  • there's always this one kid who just needs screens in his life; take him to Proto Invention Factory, where VR is taken to the next level - to educate your kid - and you.
"This is the most fun my kids have ever had."

Petra Martins

PROTO Invention Factory

Kiviõli Adventure Centre

Lottemaa Theme Park - the largest family theme park in Estonia!

AHHAA Science Centre, Tartu