30 Years as a Digital Society at Vabamu

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30 Years as a Digital Society at Vabamu

The Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom is hosting a new exhibition titled "Why Estonia? 30 years from the USSR to e-Estonia." This will go over the history and achievements of the Estonian digital society and give some insight into what the future may look like. The exhibition opened on 19 November 2021.

Find out what it means to have a digital society

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In 30 years, Estonia has transformed from a post-Soviet country into a nation focusing on becoming and being a truly digital society. Naturally, this transition took shape alongside the ongoing changes in technology. Estonia has been embracing change throughout this period, whether it was changing over to cordless phones, implementing Internet infrastructure, or making it possible to register a business online.

With so many changes, Estonia has become one of the most digitally integrated societies in the world. Today citizens and residents of Estonia can get a huge range of digital services including doing taxes, starting a business, getting prescriptions, signing and documents. It's no surprise that this has made Estonia a mecca and a paradise for startups and remote workers. As a result, Tallinn was named the best city for remote workers in 2021. Likewise, the innovation-promoting atmosphere has given Estonia one of the highest rates of startups per person in the world.

Digital Society Encourages Innovation

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By now, a whole generation has grown up with digital society being essential in their lives. With the exhibition, the Vabamu Museum wants to show everyone how this element of our lives formed in Estonia and help visitors reflect on where these developments may take Estonia in the future.

Today Estonian Children grow up alongside new technologies

Photo by Aivo Kallas

The exhibition will remain open until 23 October 2022.

Last updated : 03.12.2021

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